The Apprentice Final: Rampant Sexism

by Chelsea Blacker on 18/07/2013

I don’t usually use my energy to highlight sexism, as I feel it’s best to push forward and ignore negative commentary. Plus, the unfortunate truth is that dwelling on what I may find sexists means I risk encouraging stereotypes of appearing overly emotional and nagging;  I prefer to just get on with it.

But… I cannot let the Apprentice final last night go without a word or two.  The Guardian had a piece highlighting the female finalists were both proposing businesses that highlighted female stereotypes. This I can live with – if they want to focus on botox and baking business plans, it’s okay by me.

What is not okay, is the commentary by the after-show hosts.  The fat bald guy (technically a comedian?) repeatedly told Luisa  Zissman the “business barbie” (her own words – so perhaps the hole has already been dug) she looked great.   Luisa, who was regularly told she was too strong and commanding, broke down in tears after she screwed up her final business pitch (everyone told her she did great – but she did totally screw it up and obviously knew it) and the hosts rewarded this behaviour as showing her vulnerable side and making her more likeable. I’d like to see a man break down and cry in The Apprentice, see what they make of that; I doubt he’d be praised for messing up his pitch.

There were also compliments to another contestant who did a brief dance performance in the final episode, but otherwise had little to do with the finalists being interviewed on stage.  Entirely wrong focus.

And lastly, the comment from the show’s host (either bald dude again or the dad from Outnumbered) about winner Leah Totton, which painted a general brush over all Irish woman from Derry as being “a fierce type of woman.”  I’m sorry, but WTF?  Firstly, I highly doubt anybody from a place sharing the same name as the foods group encompassing brie and butter could be fierce in any way. More importantly – IT  ISN’T RELEVANT.  Saying a contestant must be fierce because of her home town makes the women of Dairy seem like a savage tribe of Amazons, and draws on concepts made out of this air.

Either way, it’s great Leah won.  I just wish the BBC hosts spoke to the women contestants as they would do the male contestants.

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I’m on

by Chelsea Blacker on 16/07/2013

Today I am privileged to say my most recent BlueGlass blog post entitled 30 Creative Commons and Royalty Free Websites is featured on

How did this happen?  Jeff Haden is a blogger on who noticed my original post (probably via Twitter, though I’ve not had this confirmed), and found it useful for other businesses.  Our BlueGlass MD Kevin Gibbons is always pushing us to provide content that is either thought provoking or genuinely useful to our target market; I can confidently say I did this with this post!

chelsea blacker on inc dot com by jeff haden

Here is my content featured on

Recycle Content. What I love about this whole experience of seeing my blog post on is that it typifies what I’m always telling my clients to do – recylce their own content!  Jeff Haden saw a different angle for my blog posts, suggesting that Images are an Easy Way to Give Your website a Makeover – and boom! The exact same content is now applicable to an audience looking to redo their website, not the one I originally envisioned who would be looking for 30 image websites.

I spoke at Kelvin Newman’s Content Marketing Show along this theme of reusing your resources –  the title of my talk was Evergreen Content: The Art of Recyclig Resources. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions about it.

The post was highlighted on the homepage


Today I’ve been at SheerLuxe Conference.  Some very impressive speakers and great insights at the level marketing directors and key decision makers function in.  My presentation is on SlideShare now.

If you’re interested in chatting with me further, don’t hesitate to contact via Twitter, LinkedIn, or via the BlueGlass Contact Us page.


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