Adwords Star & Seller Rating Extentions

by Chelsea Blacker on 14/09/2011

Today I started noticing these stars next to adwords copy, apparently they’ve been around for about a month. The stars show up in Google search engine results pages by way of the seller rating extensions which does this by attaching your merchant star rating from Google Product Search to your AdWords ads.

Google Adwords Review with Star Ratings

Google Adwords PPC Ad Copy with Review Stars

What is the benefit to retailers?  Like product extensions which incorporate images and prices into your adwords ads, these review stars enrich your advertising without increasing your bids.  Plus, at least for now, Google isn’t charging for clicks on your stars which lead to review pages (instead of your PPC landing page)!

According to Sophie Kleiner, a PPC specialist,

“Recently all of the major search players have collaborated to produce a standard format that they all support, which you can read about at is a collection of “html tags, that webmasters can use to markup their pages in ways recognized by major search providers.”  There are schema’s for local businesses, places, reviews and more!

adwords ppc ad copy with places review stars

Google Adwords PPC Copy with Review Stars

In Adwords ads, the stars can appear depending on your ad format and description line 1 and headline length.  Adwords reports the following:

“If your online store is rated in Google Product Search, you have 4 or more stars, and you have at least 30 reviews, you’ll automatically get seller ratings with your ads. What’s more, you’ll only be charged if someone clicks on the headline of your ad – clicks on the review link are free.”

A free second link to your digital entity for good behaviour!  Is this just an incentive to get more people using Google reviews, or is this a permanent plus?  I suspect the former…

I strongly encourage all digital retailers with positive reviews to activate their seller rating extension now.  It can only aid your brand against competitors in war over PPC bidding.  Google has not confirmed it, but I suspect positive ratings connected to your PPC advertising also results in a better quality score in Adwords, may keep your bids down, and your positions up.

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