Questions Digital Agencies Ask a New Lead

by Chelsea Blacker on 17/11/2011

About to ring an agency and tell them you’re interest in having them pitch to your business?  Be ready to answer these questions, so they can give you the best campaign.   A big thanx to my in-house friends who suggested these questions!

Questions a Digital Agency Always Asks a New Lead:

What’s your budget?  Please please please, don’t be a c*ck and tell them “I don’t know, show me what you can do”.  If you want to be all mysterious, you need to at least give a reasonable range like “£4000 – £6000 a month” or “£50K for the next business year.”  Without this, most agencies wont be interested in investing time pitching anyways.

Who are your current agencies?  To be honest, leads only answer this about 1/2 the time.  Some will even go further and email through some documents from their current agency, but this is less than 25% of the time.

Why are you looking for a new agency?  Was it because results weren’t good enough? Did an account manager frustrate your in-house team?  You may want to have a little internal brainstorm on how to answer this question, it will help your team arrive on the same page when selecting a new agency.

What is the purpose/goals/targets of your website?  Many in-house marketing teams don’t even agree on an answer to this question.  One person could say it’s to sell more products while another believes the purpose is to lure people to attend brick and mortar locations.  What’s important is that the decision maker’s answer is relayed to the agency, so they know what to focus on when drawing up a potential campaign.

What are your in house capabilities?  Agencies will take on as much work as possible because it means the most £ for them. Be clear with them on what can happen in-house, as this will help keep costs down as the pitch process evolves.  Answers like “we have 2 developers who we get to use 2 days a week” or “our PR company writes all our copy” make things clear for the agencies.

What would you add? Have you been asked any other good questions by agencies?  Looking forward to your opinion!

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