Drapers Fashion Conference Today

by Chelsea Blacker on 28/02/2012

If you have time, there is a great conference happening in London today.  It’s the Drapers Fashion 2012 Conference in Tower Hill.   Some of the highlights include:

  • Essential strategies for growth abroad.
  • Innovative ways to use social media to increase returns.
  • Best practise to utilise mobiles to their full potential.
  • Analysing the ever-changing consumer: Increasing loyalty and enhancing the customer journey
  • Internationalisation of ecommerce: Driving profit abroad
  • From browsing to buying: Turning mobile into a transactional channel
  • Fall in ‘like’ with tweeting: Exploiting social media to your advantage
  • Cross channel: Maximise the benefits of integrating online with bricks and mortar

I will be typing up my review this evening! Really looking forward to this event!

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